Recovery Tow Straps Loom And Equipment


Recovery Tow Straps Loom And Equipment



Tow straps are made from polyester that has less stretch compared to recovery straps. They are used in a similar way but their functions are different. Tow straps are made for towing freely-moving transport vehicles behind another vehicle.Tow straps possess end-metal hooks and are not meant to be used for recovering stuck vehicles due to them being less stretchy. Tow straps also break easily when subjected to recovery-related pressure.



KY Recovery Tow带织机可以用客户的样本产生,包括宽度,厚度,材料,功能和输出。使您可以轻松地通过自动控制大规模生产。同时,保证稳定性和质量。

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恢复拖带织机和设备|Textile Machinery Manufacturers - Kyang Yhe (KY)

Based in Taiwan, Kyang Yhe Delicate Machine Co., Ltd. is one of the leading Recovery Tow Straps Loom And Equipment | textile machinery manufacturers since 1964.

狗万注册地址Kyang Yhe(KY)工业纺织机旨在提供高质量的纺织品编织产品,例如弹性磁带,缎带,安全带,行李带,钩子和环。等等。其纺织品设备具有生产力,高速,易于操作。它包括针织机机器,编织机,标签印刷机,编织织机机等。

狗万注册地址Kyang Yhe(KY)自1964年以来一直为客户提供高质量的纺织机械。无论是先进的技术还是57年的经验,Kyang Yhe(KY)确保满足客户的需求得到满足。


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